Thursday, November 27, 2008

Choose which prize you want and get it for free!!!

Rewards 1
-Rewards 1 is a site that gives you FREE gifts for just giving out your opinion in offers and surveys
-Check out the pictures below to see the prizes that people have gotten for FREE!

These prizes were really earned for free on Rewards 1.
You may be asking yourself "What do I have to do to get these insane prizes?"
-What if I told you that people get these things shipped to their house for sitting right in front of their computer?
-You most likely wouldn't believe me but it is true. People sit in front of their computers giving their opinions and get prizes for it.
How Rewards 1 really works:
-An advertiser decides that they would like to invest in Rewards 1 to get people to try their product or service.
-So the advertiser pays Rewards 1 a sum of money and then Rewards 1 puts the advertiser's offer in their list.
-People like us go to the advertiser's site and fill in information and do surveys.
-We do these surveys and then the advertiser tells Rewards 1 that we did their offer.
-Our account gets credited and we earn cash that we can spend on prizes.
Ways to earn money on Rewards 1:
-There are 2 ways to earn money on Rewards 1:
-They are completing offers and referring people to Rewards 1.
- The offers on Rewards 1 vary. They are broken down into 2 groups; Free offers and Credit
Card offers.
-Free Offers:
-These offers do not payout as much as the Credit Card offers but they can really add up and give you a lot of points. The offers usually consist of giving information to the advertiser or taking their survey. They take 1 to 2 minutes to complete and then you get the points for it. These are fairly easy to do and you can make a lot doing them.
- Credit Card Offers:
-These offers are a bit more complicated. They payout a lot more cash than the free offers but the have a risk attached to them. The catch with these offers is that you need to enter in your Credit Card information and sign up for their service. I cannot implore this enough: MAKE SURE YOU READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Most of these advertisers charge your card an exorbitant amount of money after a certain time period is up. My basic rule of thumb for these offers is to only sign up for the offer if you are sincerely intrested in having the service.
-Referrals are simply put, the people that you tell about Rewards 1 that sign up under you. The more people that sign up under you, the more money you will make. At Rewards 1 you recieve a 20% commision from everything that your referrals earn. For example:
Let's say Bob found Rewards 1 out on the internet and decided to sign up. Bob tells his friend Mary about it and she signs up. Mary becomes Bob's referral. So let's say Mary earns 1 point from an offer. Bob would automatically get a bonus from Rewards 1 of .20 points added to his account
- As you can see, you can make hundreds of points from just telling people about the site.

My Story:
If I did not know about Rewards 1 I would have been wondering what the heck I would do for the kids this Christmas. We are not very wealthy and have trouble paying our bills and such. So one day I was scanning the internet and I came across Rewards 1. At first I was sceptical like most people are when they join a site like Rewards 1 so I made the minimum amount of points needed to buy a prize and ordered it.
Then one day I came home from my second job that I use to buy things for the kids heartbroken because I got fired. So when I went to go check my mail the prize was sitting right there in a cardboard box. I thought to myself "This must be the answer to my predicament." So I then went inside and earned enough points on Rewards 1 to buy a video game for my son. Sure enough that one came too. Now I only work one job and am also keeping my kids updated with the latest gadgets and technology.
I have saved up enough points on Rewards 1 to buy Christmas presents for all of my children. I know that they will have a happy Christmas all thanks to Rewards 1.
If you want to sign up to this site:
Simply Click the banner below or click HERE.

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